adventures in college

After graduating high school, I grabed my diploma, swore off formal education and and ran as fast as I could. However a year and a half later I have turned into what I swore I never would-a college girl. This experience has been so strange and crazy that I decided to document it. This is about being a minimum wage slave to pay the rent, finals, parties, meeting strange people, roomates and cheap food.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I've been making good decisions lately
I'm pretty happy
in that everything always seems to be OK
bored as hell kind of way

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I love holidays. I love celebrating things. I love dressing up, buying presents, going out with friends and a holiday is the perfect excuse to do all of the above. Valentines day though...I don't know if it is because it's making me think about my ex or if it's just thinking about the lack of boyfriend in general...but I will be very glad once tomorrow is over. I hate that a stupid corporate holiday is making me feel this way. So instead of letting it bring me down, I am planning a great day celebrating myself by:
-Buying myself gifts-shoes, lip gloss, jewelry and of course chocolate
-A long bubble bath and a trashy novel
-drinking champagne and watching The Notebook

In theory this should be a great day. One spent celebrating the fact that I am becoming comfortable with myself and someday I will be able to love someone. However, I realize the potential dangers of celebrating V-day alone. What starts as a celebration of myself could quickly landslide into an evening of self pity drowning in alchol and chocolate. In case of this I know of a few parties that I can go to in case I start to get sad/lonely or any other variety of pathetic.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I hate losing friends to boys. The worst part of all this single girl business is you need to have friends that don't have boyfriends. Since becoming single I have been blown off and forgot about for boys numerous times. Last night I met up with one of my most fabulous single girl friend, ready for anything and assuming our night would be nothing but wild. However, I ended up stuck at a party with no one to talk to while she giggled and sucked face with a boy all night. I understand it's exciting when you meet a cute, sweet funny boy and I'm not really mad at her for focusing on him all night. It's just one of those things that comes with being single. Not only do you not have anyone to spend breaks with, go out to dinner with or have sex with, you have to be ready for your friends to bail at the drop of a hat. All of this has made me realize when I get a boyfriend (or should I say if I ever get a boyfriend?) I want one that doesn't make me abandon my friends in any way. I will only be in a relationship if I can't go out with my friends at least once a week. I don't want to lose myself in a relationship again and I'm young. It's only healthy to be able to have my space to run around and by rowdy with my girls!

Friday, February 09, 2007

So this blog has sat around unfinished and neglected as so many of my projects seem to. I am going to dust it off and try it out again and see if I can get the hang of this. It would be a good way to write more regularly.

My biggest life change since last semester is definitely my newly found single status. OK, so maybe it wasn't so much found, as much as it was dumped on me, by my now ex boyfriend who also dumped ME the end of August. I'm going to be very honest about this. Being single after having a boyfriend wrapped around my finger for a year and a half was retched...for about the first two weeks. Unless I meet someone who I absolutely can not pass up, I'm definitely not looking for or missing anything relationship related. I love the nights out with the girls. Dancing until last call in shoes that pinch my feet, but make me feel so hot I don't care. I love going solo on the weekends, stopping by random friends houses and party's to have a few drinks and catch up. I thought I would miss having a someone sleeping in my bed and I did for awhile. Now I love coming home alone from a night out, eating unhealthy food and watching even unhealthier TV then sleepibefore falling into bed on whatever side I feel like. I do have a good guy friend who stays over on the weekends for a cuddle, which is perfect because I get a good clean once a week spoon without any of the hassle. For the first time in three years I am completely and utterly unattached to anyone and it I feel fabulous!
More single college girl adventures soon,

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Wasting time....

Yes, I am still sick and on the couch. My boyfriend draged himself to the doctors yesterday and he has bronchitis and is on an assortment of antibiotics and other fun medication. I on the other hand hate doctors. So while he is on the road to recovery, I am still laying stationary drowning in my own mucouse. I have been spending a sick amount of time on my laptop due to the unable to move/no TV situation. Here are a couple sites I have found that I really like.

The Reverse Cowgirl

I like reading all things that are have new ideas, are well written, maybea little bizzare and pertain to sex. This blog links articles, advertisements, movie trailers and mp3s that incorporate just such ingrediants.

My page on

LastFM keeps track of all the songs you listen to and then compiles them into weekly, monthly or yearly charts. It's sort of your own personal Billboard chart. It keeps track of your most popular artists, songs and what you've recently played. So go pay a visit and stalk the music I listen to on my computer.

Microcosm Publishing

I guess it's the nerd in me that makes me love zines, but boy do I love them. This site has the biggest selection I've found on the net. They also have posters, CDs, books, patches etc.

These are my top three, check them out and let me know if you like them. I'm sure alot of people have allready heard of them but add me on LastFM I need more friends! I might post more later if you guys like them...

Cheers to being a complete internet nerd for a week!

Reply if you have any good web sites to kill some time on, I could def. use it!

Monday, August 07, 2006


I'm writing you right now from the same place and position I was in Saturday night, horizontally draped across my couch. Right now I am very grateful that while I was hopping from minimum wage job to minimum wage job like it was a sport, one of my roommates held a decent job over the summer and invested in the most comfortable couch in the world. I began habitation of the couch Saturday night when I dragged my poor sloth like self downstairs for a glass of water. My boyfriend found me two hours later in the position I have occupied on our downstairs couch for the past two days. Trust me ladies and gentlemen, I am not about to track up those stairs anytime soon. I have enough aches in my body when I am laying on this brand new plush couch, I can only imagine the increase upon climbing a flight of stairs. In addition to claiming a new spot in the house to call my own, I have also reached a new level of boredom. Go lay in the same position on your couch for two days and you will then understand the boredom I am talking about. When we first moved into this house I boycotted cable, moaning on to my roommates about how I would not pay a fifth of the cable bill so my head could be filled with media sludge. Right now though, I would give ANYTHING for cable. I have watched every DVD I own (which isn't that many-see part above about quitting jobs being a sport.) at LEAST once. I have read every decent blog on the net and many of the crumby ones. I've emailed, myspaced, IMed, shopped and ebayed to the point were any activity involving the internet makes me want to pull out my own teeth. Oh and it's so sunny out. What I wouldn't give to be out swimming in the ocean, reading on the beach and soaking up the sun with my boyfriend.

Cheers to being anything other then horizontal in any other place but the couch,

Saturday, August 05, 2006

defining evening

What you do on a Saturday night says a lot about you. Everything is happening on Saturdays. The house parties are stocked with alcohol, the clubs are full and the bars are packed. Saturday night is THEY night for the young twenty crowd. Saturday nights are nights for meeting people, staying out to late and making mistakes. However, on this defining Saturday night I don't find myself accepting free drinks from boys at the bar or listening to some unheard of band in a decaying venue. Nor am I mingling with my fellow students in some house packed with bodies and alcohol. On this crucial evening of the week I am curled up on the couch, downloading music, blogging, and waiting for my boyfriend. It all has me feeling way older then I should be feeling. Now I have passed up more then my fair share of Saturday nights. Sometimes the hell that is Sunday morning out weighs the exciting adventures of Saturday night. Other times I feel like reading, painting or just being by myself. Tonight however, I am bored out of my mind, dying to go out. I am physically unable to go due to a rather sharp hellish pain in my chest. So what does this Saturday night say about me? That my health is poor, I smoke too many cigs and should have went to the doctors long ago to get my hands on some antibiotics.

Cheers to making your Saturday say something more then mine,